Monday, January 6, 2014

How am I, you ask?

It's been a while since I posted a status quo update, so I thought I'd get you up to date.  I'm doing ok.  Actually, I'm a helluvalot better than I was a year ago, and certainly then I was two years ago.  It's still just mind boggling to me to think that I'm still dealing with this, going on 3 years now. I'm doing well enough that I started a company with my husband - he's a composer, so he does most of the work!  I just do the paperwork and deadline-keeping, although not so much the last two months.  I've become more tired, had more headaches and neck pain, but most significantly, much more brain fog, I mean we're talking almost straight up confusion.  

The confusion no doubt is caused by the fact that I'm chelating out lead.  I did a heavy metals urine test, which came back medium for lead, not too shabby!  The doctor said that it may be mercury as well, because they share receptors (or something?  Like I said, brain fog...).  I've already had one small amalgam filling out and will have my medium/large one out next week.  (When doing this, it's important to have it done very carefully, by a biological dentist.  If your doctor still puts amalgams in, that's a big red flag not to have them remove the amalgams, they surely won't do it according to safe guidelines.  More on this HERE.)

Here is the naturopathic protocol I'm currently following:
With this protocol, I'm treating: Lyme, adrenals, toxic black mold overgrowth, chronic Epstein Barr Virus, parasites, lead toxicity, Babesiosis, Bartonella, and several MTHFR mutations (I'm not sure which ones!  Plus, I discovered more that we aren't addressing).

Nattokinase:  This is an enzyme that I take away from food, to break the biofilms.

Adren-all: It's got adaptogenic herbs as well as actual adrenal gland in it.  I tested pretty low across the board. 

Adrenal Health: This one is just more adaptogens, since I muscle tested for needing a little more than the Adren-all.  (Click HERE for an overview on adrenals.) 

Folate 1000: This a form of methylfolate, it helps treat one (or more?) of my MTHFR mutations.

Chlorella:  I take broken cell wall chlorella 3 times a day, this helps carry away mold, Lyme, and any other bugger I'm killing. 

MicroDefense:  I LOVE this supplement, it's a combination of antimicrobials including clove, black walnut, and olive leaf.  It also smells SO good!  My favorite doctor/teacher had this theory that if you have a healthy thing that smells really good to you, it's your body's way to telling you that you need it.  *Does not apply to french fries!

Essential Oil capsule:  I'd like to tell you this one with caution.  Essential oils can be quite powerful and should not be taken without supervision from your physician.  I take this capsule twice a day. I mix up 3 drops each of: clove (for - I can't remember what), frankincense (for oxygenating the brain), rosemary (I can't remember why), and lemongrass (because diffusing it into my eyes eliminated my floaters which we attribute to parasites).

Vitamin D: 5,000mg per day, I can't remember why, I think general immune support?  Wow, this post is becoming less and less useful, isn't it?  Ha!

LDM 100: Lomatium tincture, specifically for EBV.

NK Stim: This supplement is taken with LDM 100, to help increase efficacy.

Chelate-Mate:  Liquid minerals, I take this 1x/day, 2x/day on days I take EDTA.

EDTA rectal suppositories:  Ewie!  They're not that bad. I use 2-3 times per week, most people use EDTA IV's to chelate, but I'm too far from my doctors' office.  Ironically, I usually feel better the day after I use it, this treats the lead toxicity.

Greens First: A greens powder supplement, just because greens are always a good thing.

Nystatin: Prescription drug for mold.

Yucca stalk: I take this for one of my MTHFR mutations. 

Azithromycin: Yup.  Back on those dang antibiotics for Lyme.

Cholestyramine: For mold, as well as high cholesterol.

Lumbrokinase: A biofilm breaker upper.

Probiotics: 15 billion 2x/day, 4 hours away from antibiotics.

Quina: 16 drops per day, I can't remember what it's for - Lyme/Bart/Babs?

St. John's Wort: For seasonal affective disorder.  I.e. winter depression. 

Alinia: 2x/day pharmaceutical for parasites, but only 3x/week for one week on, then two weeks off.  

This protocol has been working out ok for me, I feel ok (better than a year ago, but worse than a month ago), I'm just starting this protocol out.  Prior to this one, my protocol was pretty similar, yet my C4a has gone up from 16,528 to 19,780.  (These numbers are quite high, the reference range is 0 - 2800, but they're better than 59,290 which is what it was before I had my moldy house remediated!)    

Wow, I'm totally forgetting why I posted that!  Hopefully it will help you.  That's my overall goal.  Remember, I'm not some Queen Bee with all the answers, and each of our bodies are different, but if this can help you one little bit, then that's just great. 

If you'd like to get a hold of me, get me on Facebook HERE.  I can't figure out how to reply to comments left here, it doesn't let me for some reason and I don't like to leave people hanging.