The single-most important thing you can do if you or someone you love has, or is suspected to have Lyme Disease, is get educated!  I love the documentary Under Our Skin because it gives you such a wealth of information really succinctly.  You can watch it on Netflix,  or on Hulu here: is a wonderful, fantastic site. is also a very helpful website for all things Lyme.

ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) is another huge resource.

For Wisconsinites,

Dr. Burrascano is widely considered the leading Lyme expert.  His guidelines about diagnosing, treating, and testing Lyme can be found here:'s%20Advanced%20Topics%20in%20Lyme%20Disease%20_12_17_08.pdf

The Lyme bacteria can assume 3 different forms, each with a unique ability to hide from different treatments.  To learn more on this, go to:

To find a Lyme Literate Doctor (LLMD or LLND), go here:  
(You can also email me - I am familiar with a handful of Lyme docs in the south central Wisconsin area.

My favorite Lyme Disease blog is  There is also a very active forum of Lyme Disease patients on the Lyme Chick Facebook page,  If you have questions or want to see what fellow Lymies are talking about, this is a great resource!  Most people who post are up to their neck in Lyme, so you may see more complex terms like 'biofilms,' 'CD57,' and other such talk.  Don't be intimidated, you'll learn about all of it as you go along and it's still a great resource for 'beginners.'  :0)

I also have a Facebook page at where I post more frequently.

For help with paying for antibiotics: I found this resource, I have not tried it yet, but it looks good!

Here is a link to an incredibly helpful page of more links!  Everything from the basics of Lyme to lists of support groups to help filing for disability to research articles to resources for help paying for care.  It is pretty awesome.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent:
FSM is a wonderful new tool.  In the naturopathic medical office where I work, we've been using this tool for a long time and it has really helped me.  It is somewhat similar to a rife machine - it deals with passing electric current into your body at a very low frequency, and when you hit the right frequency for the right imbalance or ailment, it corrects it.  It is fascinating and wonderful - for the treatment of so many ills from immune support to healing broken bones and ligaments.

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