Thursday, April 26, 2012

My new status quo

It dawned on me today that you might be wondering how my naturopathic protocol to eradicate Lyme has been working out for me.  Well, here’s the scoop!  (Here’s the protocol I’m talking about:

I have been on this protocol for about 5 months, with only a few adjustments, everything remained largely the same.  The neat thing is I have had check-ins with my ND usually every 4-6 weeks (or more often if something came up) to make sure the plan is working well and all is running smoothly.  And for the most part, it has. 

I have definitely been improving, just slowly.  (Although 5 months might not seem so slow to most Lymies who are out there fighting the good fight for at least a few years now – you GO, Chronic Badasses!).

My foggy brain is not a normal way of living now, it remains on some days, but to a much lesser extent than it had been.  Headaches, the same status.  Fatigue is probably the biggest symptom currently, but nonetheless, much better.  Now, there aren’t any days spent in bed all day, and I have the energy to definitely do a couple things each day like dishes or pick up medication or even grocery-shop!  Ringing in the ears used to be constant, now only sometimes.  I still get some vertigo-type feeling where it seems like my brain can’t keep up with the information my eyes are taking in (ex: turning my head to look left then right causes some dizziness and disorientation – this is why driving is a nightmare and I don’t do it unless I absolutely have to).  Nothing weird with the senses anymore – no sensitivity to light, sounds, or strange smells.  Joint pain, muscle-twitching, and air hunger are doing really well – mostly dissipated or rare occurrences. 

I’m now in the phase where, knock on wood, my doc says I’m approaching the clearing and nearly out of the woods!  She said Lyme is no longer much of an issue, instead the Babesia and Bartonella coinfections and the biggy is the Epstein Barr Virus that took the opportunity of my sick body to invade. 

Here are the updated modifications on my naturopathic protocol, although it is largely the same as the original one (I’m just listing the adjustments, not the whole protocol.  There's a lot more I'm doing the same as the original one ~ link above ~):

Replaced the Viressence Tincture with a custom one.   I was taking a Klinghardt formula as an anti-viral, but switched to a custom herbal tincture from my ND, it has Cat’s Claw, Elderberry, and Hawthorne in it for the Babesia, to boost immune function, and to help my heart health.  Taking 90 drops, 2x/day.

Artemisinin is now 2 days on, 5 days off (instead of 4 days on, 3 days off).

The spleen glandular was a temporary one, took for awhile to help my spleen handle everything better and it worked, so I discontinue that one per my doc’s instruction.

Bentonite Green Clay was switched back to the chlorella as the binder/detoxifier, simply because the chlorella was a pill form and easier to take.  Now, I take 2-10 tablets, 2x/day, depending on if I feel like I really need it.

Lyme & Coinfection Nosode was discontinued for now, since it appears I am nearly out of the woods! 

Minocycline and Ceftin are discontinued!  Yipee!  That’s my favorite one – no more daily antibiotics!

The new additions to my naturopathic protocol include:

Tindamax, this is an antibiotic I’m taking 500mg, 2x/day for 2 consecutive days per week, not on artemisinin days and not on Lightning Pearl days( so 2 days on, 5 days off).  This is the poke that’s going to make sure the Lyme is really gone.  Doing this one for 2 months.

Lightning Pearls, these are Chinese Herbs in capsule form with such herbs as wuaipi, baihe, and baizhi.  I take 2 capsules, 2x/day.  10 days on, 10 days off.  At this stage of the game, Chinese Medicine is really helpful in removing the ‘Gu,’ what Chinese Medicine considers Lyme to be.  It is very fascinating.  Here is an article that talks about translating what the Western world of medicine knows as Lyme to what the Eastern world of medicine knows as Gu.

Acupuncture sessions have really helped in conjunction with the Lightning Pearls.  I try to go weekly or at least every other week. 

EBV Drops, I take this homeopathic preparation 2x/day, 10 minutes away from anything mouth.  This is to help me kick out the Epstein Barr Virus that’s being a pain in the butt right now and may be the main culprit behind my fatigue and sore throat.    

Balance D, 2 capsules, 2x/day until gone.  This is a vitamin D with some other stuff to help boost dopamine.  When you are lying around for months being sick, you get used to the idea that all you can do is lie around.  The increased dopamine will help me feel like I can try and do stuff!

Vitamin D Mulsion, 8 drops on tongue per day.  My doctor had this great explanation about why vitamin D needs to be delivered in an emulsified form, but I can’t remember why.  My vitamin D test came back super low, like 25.4 when ideal for a Lymie is 60-70!  I also had a vitamin D injection in my butt.  J

So overall, I definitely would say that naturopathic medicine has been working for me to eradicate Lyme.  Went from lying in bed all day not remembering where I was to reasonable energy to do things! 

If you want to see an LLND and live in Wisconsin, I can give you a couple of referrals - send me an email at  Otherwise, check out  Use the ‘Find a Doctor’ tab to find one in your area, then give the office a ring and ask they specialize in Lyme, if no one in the office does, they should know who in the area does. 

**Big, important thing to mention: not everyone who uses the title 'Naturopathic Doctor' has medical training!  All doctors at the website above are licensed (which means that they have been to years of real medical school and passed a board exam and the whole thing), but there are many, many more people who complete an online course and then use the title 'Naturopathic Doctor,' even without any medical training whatsoever - be careful of these posers.  These are the 'quacks' that some people associate with naturopathy.  The reason for this disparity is lack of legislation - in most of the states in the US, there is no regulation for Naturopathic Doctors, so anybody can say they are a doctor.  It's crazy and of course hurts the real Naturopathic Medical community because you have a bunch of delusional 'doctors' quite possibly causing harm in the name of Naturopathic Medicine.  (Did you know there are approximately 233 unlicensed, untrained people who are 'practicing naturopathic medicine' using that title 'Naturopathic Doctor' (ND) in the state of Wisconsin?  And only about 20 licensed naturopathic physicians!  Just crazy.)  Each state has a small group of real ND's who are trying to get this regulation in place for their state.  Wisconsin's is

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  1. This makes me SO happy! Gives me hope! I really am thrilled for you:)