Wednesday, October 16, 2013


You know, I am amazingly grateful to have been dealt this challenge of chronic illness. I know, I know, everyone who says that is just being naive.  So what, call me naive if you don't think this is a good way of looking at things.  Have fun focusing on all that's gone wrong instead.  

I always liked to think I was a strong person, the type of person who could bear anything, rise above it, fight, win.  But it was never put to the test like this before.  Having been there, having sunken, and having slowly, steadily risen up again with nothing but sheer will.  Being shown and having proof that I have this kind of resolve and resilience is an amazing gift that most people never, ever get.  They don't really know how they'll fare if something terrible happens to them.  But I do.  Now I know how bright the light is because I was shown the darkness.  Now I know how strong the strength within me is because I've had to use it to push back.  I was challenged and I met it. And won. I. am. strong. 

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